Loneliness - trouble or happiness of modern women?

Loneliness - trouble or happiness of modern women?
 Modern women are often intelligent, attractive and have a bunch of advantages, for some reason, are often left alone.

In solitude has its own charm. Lonely woman does not connected and is free to dispose of their free time as it pleases. She did not have to report to her husband to sit with a friend in a cafe or go shopping. It may be engaged in self-development, to have a hobby, passion and give him time.

In his amorous relationship with a man free woman can not limit itself as not bound by any promises. Can afford to throw household chores, cook and clean up when she wants. The lion's share of his time such a woman easily attaches itself by visiting (if desired) solarium, beauty salons, hair salons, fitness and doing other ladies stuff.

In life, free from the bonds of marriage and women have "fly in the ointment", not one. Celebrate the holidays and have to live everyday troubles alone. And it's really hard, if no one to entrust their experiences and feelings.

Lonely situation forces women to cope alone with male household chores or spend money hiring a person.

The most unfortunate that there is an illusion of the presence of a number of sympathetic caring people. Unmarried woman is not cut off from society, have friends, acquaintances, friends who are able to listen and advise. But they have - their own personal lives, and not every one will take to heart someone else's problem. It is one thing - party, sitting in a cafe, and another - a strong shoulder near and moral support.

Causes of loneliness different. As a teenager, she may be too shy, far from communication with the guys, or have complex, internally awareness of their own unattractiveness. These girls are forced to stand alone. The decision to stay single and be aware of the consequences experienced personal failure, a terrible disappointment.

Older women trying to become a homemaker and a happy wife are complicated. Demands and requirements to personal qualities elect rise, and "neokoltsovannym" men remains small. Someone, closing his eyes to the shortcomings, agreed on the first hit, others continue to wait and look.

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