Jealousy. Why do you torture me?

Jealousy. Why do you torture me?
 No wonder they say that "jealousy" sounds almost like "loyalty" - it is necessary to rearrange the letters. That is a kind of jealousy antipode loyalty, and on a broader scale - more faith and confidence. A lot and it is painfully jealous insecure people who not only do not believe your loved one, but also they may be capable of infidelity, that is treason.

Someone feels more jealousy, and someone less. But faced with him, probably all. This creates a feeling of many others. He is someone? And then the woman rolls anger (she loved him so much, and he crushed her love), pain (betrayed her very close friend) and disappointment (it's hard to imagine that he was able to lead so myself). The woman begins to monitor the partner to check his mail, browse the messages and calls to his mobile phone ... It can even recognize the man, what is it and how suspects trying to "calculate" to change it. This behavior is pathetic or even disgust. But does it need a loving woman? Why did it hurts jealousy and how to deal with the flood of emotions?

Perhaps jealous woman and tries izbyvitsya from exhausting feeling, but still comes back to it again and again. The harder you fight with such an experience, the more it flares up. Jealousy is not worth fighting for, but you should try to overcome it - as if to cross. The first step - is to reduce emotional tension. The second step - determining the true cause of jealousy (which may be a feeling of injustice, distrust of the partner, desire for revenge, low self-esteem, etc.).

When a woman is in a "disheveled feelings," the main cause of jealousy difficult to detect. However, psychologists advise special exercise. It is necessary to recall in detail his jealousy and immerse yourself in it. It is important to allow sufficient time to consider the details of jealousy "inside" and ... draw it!

Then is to understand this very jealous. Ask yourself the question: "What jealousy wants to say that to show what to look for? ". The answer - in the heart. Expressing your feelings, you can understand exactly what caused jealousy.

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