Hypnosis and weight

Hypnosis and weight
 Once you have tried to get rid of any of this excess weight! And on diets were different, and the needle was inserted into the ears, and engaged in fitness. But, as luck would have it, a couple of months merciless bullying poor body, the former weight is still coming back. Maybe it's time to try something new?

Experts on hypnosis claim that you can quickly and painlessly to impress the man that he no longer needs to use the same quantity of food. And since the subconscious mind to believe it, it will automatically instruct the stomach, and he will become saturated much smaller portions than before. After all, the problem of people who suffer from excess weight, it is that they find it difficult to control your diet. They would be happy to lose weight, but the brain is so accustomed to the daily ingestion of large portions that just does not feel satiated, but in fact the body of food is no longer needed.

Experiments with hypnosis conducted on many subjects. Moreover, the group was divided into people who really want to lose weight and those who suffer from obesity, but was not going to change the situation put any effort. People in both groups were told that they should eat more healthy food: eating vegetables and fruits to eliminate fat and flour, as well as to reduce the number of portions at mealtimes.

After several sessions, most patients notice a difference. They said that their appetite has decreased considerably, and in the refrigerator magically began to appear the products that they previously could not stand. Or do they have the desire to eat something that had never liked or sickened (it is, of course, about the useful product).

But the most amazing experiment on the effects of hypnosis on a person had a Spanish scientists. With cycle hypnosis sessions doctors managed to convince the patient that she made a very real operation to sew the stomach capsule. The woman was absolutely sure that the volume is now her stomach artificially reduced, remember the details in the operating room and their feelings before and after anesthesia. Moreover, after the hypnosis sessions the patient is rapidly beginning to lose weight, although it experienced a lot of different techniques is absolutely no avail.

Told reporters lucky that even in the stomach it has full sensation of a foreign body. If before she ate large portions and was constantly hungry, but now eats a lot faster, but if you eat a little more uncomfortable and oppressive feeling in the abdomen. Strange but true - simple hypnosis has proven to be as effective as a surgeon's scalpel.

If you want to lose weight through hypnotherapy specialist choose very carefully. After charlatans can not only help, but also harm your health. Some, by the way, simply hypnosis session, even without a hint of operations to start losing weight quickly and effortlessly.
Try science works wonders!

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