How to survive a break in relations

How to survive a break in relations
 The gap relationships - it is always very difficult and painful, no matter at what stage of development were the relationship itself. There is pain, emptiness and sense of loss. According to popular belief, time heals, but this time you need to go through with minimal losses, maintaining the health and confidence.  

The first three days after the break you off scale adrenaline, which in large numbers in all the adrenal glands produce stress. From large levels of the hormone in the blood, you may feel palpitations, headache, insomnia. In no case do not add to that alcoholic beverages. It just seems that alcohol can soothe and dull the pain. In fact, everything is completely the opposite. Drink with adrenaline - a hell of a mix that can cause severe mental and physical disorders. You will dramatize all, the brain refuses to perceive what is happening in the real sound and light.

Instead of alcohol, or take a soothing collection of complex valerian, motherwort, hops in tablets to take time off for 3 days from work, take a cool shower, drink sedatives, lie under a blanket and tried to sleep. You have just three days to go through the most critical period of discontinuity. If you want to cry - cry, cry - cry.

Exactly three days collect all the will in a fist, go to the hairdresser, the beauty salon, arrange shopping, completely change their image. It will feel much better. Attractive appearance gives confidence and allows others like it, they'll make you compliments, from which self-esteem will rise sharply.

If you've dreamed of going to the gym, swimming pool, then after a breakup is the time to start. Exercise gives a positive charge, not only emotionally but also physically. Intensely working out, you will be able to devote their energies in a positive direction, and easy physical fatigue will help to normalize sleep and appetite.

Do not give up partying and communicating with friends, avoid only those companies in which you can recall what you want so hard to forget. New friends, new experiences, is what helps not to fall into depression and contributes to start a new life and new plans.

If you already have some plans for the future, this is the first sign that the pain begins to subside and spiritual emptiness ends.

But if enough time has passed and you still can not, eat, sleep, talk, does not pass tearfulness, anxiety, depression, felt the emptiness and pain, consult a therapist. This may be the first signs of depression, and without the participation of a specialist to deal with the disease is very difficult, almost impossible.

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