How to save the islands of freedom

How to save the islands of freedom
 One of the difficult problems in a woman's life is the preservation of the islands of freedom. They just need to make up for reserve forces to continue the life of the marathon. If a woman has such "islands", she was saved from the humdrum of everyday life, in a good mood and in excellent shape.

In the cycle of life together woman does not notice that her life is closely intertwined with the life of man. Of course, this idea warms. After all, people who love each other, tend to merge.

But from time to time everyone wants to feel a little loose. If you can not "carve out" for several minutes or hours, life becomes unbearable. Sometimes you need to be alone with yourself, to think about life, and just relax. After all, two-way communication also takes power.

Maintain islands of freedom requires that life does not seem routine. It helps to be reborn to a new activity and not get bored partner.

One of the islands can be a hobby, a hobby other than a partner. Of course, the favorite thing often brings people together. But well, if it is allow them to break apart. Besides, if men and women are different hobbies, you can share with each other successes.

Allows you to open the circle of everyday worries hike to the hairdresser or shaping. When he returned to his duties with the new influx of forces woman to share his energy with a partner.

The woman should have its own source of income, some of which she will spend only on themselves. This will allow her not to forget about their needs in full of worries of life together. Besides, she would not have every time "to beg" the money for a campaign in a cafe, shop or theater.

As anyone with a woman simply need to have "their space" in the house. Do not confuse it with the kitchen. Space it is necessary to do what he likes or relax. It is better if the house allows you to scale, let it be a separate room. Should furnish it to your liking and to engage in it that brings pleasure.

In the heat of the family or close romantic relationships do not forget about your friends. Sometimes you can meet them, it fills the soul with pleasant memories and restores strength.

In any case, whatever the "island of freedom", it is meant to help relax and escape from everyday life. "A breath of freedom" will give strength and help keep "afloat" in the maelstrom of life.

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