How to overcome the excessive modesty

How to overcome the excessive modesty
 Many girls from childhood said that modesty adorns a woman. However, excessive shyness can be a source of many troubles. Relationships with the opposite sex, a request for a raise wages, public performance - all this can be a real meal for a modest young lady.
 Try not to think about other people's opinion. Remember, whether so often you think about mutual friends, remember their failures, savor their appearance. Do not assume that your environment is regularly engaged in it. Most likely, they have more important things to do.

Ask a loved one whose opinion you trust, describe your strengths. It can be as facial features and nature. Look in the mirror, try to celebrate in your appearance that you like. For example, the shape of the lips, hair, the shape of the ankles - all that will allow you to feel more attractive.

Set a daily task, which will help to overcome your modesty. Ask the shop assistant with the product, check with a nice young man, how to get to the desired street, ask the tutor to transfer activity at the time, which is convenient for you. Soon you will see that it's not so scary.

Do not attempt to attribute non-existent quality people, words and deeds. Do not consider others better than you, and do not think that they were plotting something bad if they did not give you any reason to think so.

Learn to talk. Going to a meeting with friends, you can come up with some advance so that you can discuss. Do unconstrained compliments.

Watch for their appearance and dress tastefully. This will help you feel more confident. If you think that some features of appearance attracts you condemning the views of passers-by, try to disguise it - change the hairstyle, pick up the clothes so that he was hiding figure flaws.

Order a photo session. A professional photographer is able to skillfully picked up camera angles and setting light to make any person attractive in the pictures. Later, looking at the end result, you yourself will agree that such a beautiful girl, there is no need to hesitate.

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