How to numb the pain of love

How to numb the pain of love
 Love can bring great happiness as well as incomparable pain in case of loss of a loved one or the inability to be with him. Do not despair and give up on his life in the world there are many people who have dealt with this pain.
 In the early days, weeks, and perhaps months of separation you will be irresistibly drawn to the man to leave you, you will experience pain from the inability to be together. This is normal, but do not stir up this feeling.

Clean away from the eyes of all the things that remind you of it: photos, it presents some other things that connect you with them. Often leave home, communicate with friends, take part in parties, various activities at work, etc.

Try to distract on something really interesting for you: go somewhere abroad, or sign up for a course of hatha yoga, learn driving or horseback riding, etc. Try to find the positive aspects of his time alone: ​​you are now themselves mistress, to no one shall be obliged to report anything, you can do what you want, etc.

Keep a diary of it all that you gnawing. Psychologists have proved that this method allows to overcome the negative experiences that cause stress and depression, "to work them."

Understand your pain - it is an experience of the soul, think if you of this will be easier to test it sent to you by God to make you stronger and wiser, learned to appreciate the love. Try to carry with dignity and a sense of pain.

If your husband or fiance left her for another woman, do not stoop to petty squabbles and litigation, so you do not return it, and only lose your face. Of course, it is very painful and sad and felt all the more acute when the woman is dissolved in a man when she does not have its own interests when it lives only to them. If this is your case, you have to learn to live again, to draw attention to themselves, their needs and interests, to become self-sufficient person.

Be one, of course, is not easy, especially if you have lived together for many years and used to be a man of "like a stone wall." In such cases, pain and fear mingled still further independent life. But sooner or later there comes a time when it is time to grow up, whether you like it or not. It is important to understand that being an adult is not so bad, it's okay, and relationships are more healthy and strong, if they are not built for the type of "father and daughter", but as equal interaction of two adult independent people.

Perhaps in the future, and it is sure to be with you, you take into account all the mistakes in the past and will build a relationship with a man otherwise, leaving them room for self-development and self-realization.

Understand that if you have any hobbies, favorite hobby, or you may have several, you will be much easier to go through the pain of unrequited love, lost his head in contact with like-minded friends, new acquaintances.

Do not be afraid to make new acquaintances, burned once, do not think all men are equally bad - they are all different, as well as women. And the one who really loves you, in your book of life is waiting for you on the next page.

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