How to love your appearance

How to love your appearance
 Some girls can stand for hours in the mirror, admiring herself. But this is - not about you? Rather, I want to escape from all reflective surfaces, and pictures never look. Do not be so self oppress, just love your look.
 Do not love themselves - at least, uncomfortable. In the end, you do not have a person closer. And yet - no longer be able to yourself about your professional skills. So it is necessary to change the situation. If you think that you do not deserve sympathy, even with his own hand, the situation is bad. You can even think about a visit to a psychologist. But also to try to act on their own, too worth it.

What you do not like yourself? Do not love yourself all hardly anyone is capable of. Honestly, what parts of the body does not suit you. Take a sheet of paper and write all the points that you would in itself have changed. Do not think now that you can correct and what is not. Imagine that tomorrow morning you get up without all these disadvantages.

Now watch list. What of it in your power? You can always lose weight. Diet, sports - and in a few months you yourself do not know. Corrected ugly face makeup. It is impossible to independently choose the image that you make beauty - consult your stylist. Ask you to do makeup, pick your colors and explain how all this beauty to make your own. Figure flaws - small breasts, short legs - hiding right to pick up clothes. Learn how to adjust your problem and a little wardrobe update.

Almost always do better to help a good hairstyle. Make her the most beautiful - pick a color that you really decorate, cut by the type of person. If your hair is lifeless, visit caring procedures.

When you invest in yourself so hard not to love the appearance will be at least offensively. Changes - it is always moving forward and a change of consciousness. So changing for the better.

Psychological work is also to be. Stop watching and samoedstvom. Instead of thinking about how awful you look, remind yourself how much you have achieved. And also - that you simply beautiful. Smile at her reflection bolder, more confident walk. Why does someone have to be better than you, for what you are used to consider himself the worst? Pronounces himself: "I am the most beautiful and attractive" until you really start to think so.

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