How to be the perfect girl

How to be the perfect girl
 Ideal girl - just a moot point. After all, everyone is different, and the concept of beauty, intelligence, and each has its own appeal. However, there are certain standards to be followed by women seeking to become Miss Perfection for their men.
 Always take care of herself. Known fact - men love with their eyes, so, regardless of time of day, you should look brilliant. How much would you not tired after a hard day, never met a man in a dirty old bathrobe with curlers on her head.

Treat a man with respect. If he hurt you or offended in some way, do not roll up his scandals and tantrums in public - do not wash dirty linen in public. Do not humiliate his manhood, thus giving him a reason to doubt your love.

Remember that the man - important in a relationship, stop arguing with him at the slightest provocation. Be cunning, inferior in the details. If he sees that you agree with him, but his decision is your problem and frustrating, he hastened to concede to you, and you will achieve the intended target less emotional cost.

Always be positive and friendly. Just imagine: he was tired and exhausted back home, and there waiting for him dissatisfied and aggressive girl. Clearly, the warmth and care it will look on the side. Interest of his inner feelings, but not zealous - do not pull out of him talking. If he wants, he will tell, but on your face should always be present interest. No one is saying that he should become the center of your micro-universe, however you must reckon with its opinion. You should worry about his problems and life in general. Man resting at home, and your task - to develop in him the belief that the best holiday can only be near you.

Try to diversify your relationship. For example, sign up for dance lessons together or foreign languages. Can you think of small festivals or rituals known only to your pair. Do not forget the important part of all relationships - sex. Raduyte her man beautiful underwear, experiment - role play, erotic massage. No matter what you come up with, most importantly - to tie a man to himself.

Create a flat atmosphere of comfort and warmth. It is important that a man wanted to go home after work, knowing that there he was waiting for a delicious dinner, strong coffee and you.

Do not forget that men have developed hearing worse than women. All your long speech he deems useless noisy flow of words, and it's not because he does not want to listen to you, it just so arranged, so be tolerant of his wool-gathering during your confession.

The main thing - to be herself. Do not try to build itself from what you are not really. Hypocrisy and insincerity are visible at once - they repel. Maybe you're a little clumsy or stutter, but that you - that your charm and a certain charm.

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