How to accept compliments

How to accept compliments
 Not all mastered the art of paying compliments, but even fewer people know how to graciously accept them. Not to put the speaker in an awkward situation and do not seem particularly ill-bred, remember a few simple rules of etiquette.
 Work on low self-esteem. The reaction of people with an inferiority complex on said compliment can be extremely inadequate: some women can begin to assert that they are not beautiful, but on the contrary, do not get enough sleep and make up overdue ink, and others can do to pounce on the "offender", screaming that all of them men need only one. Not to be the heroine of this situation, engaged in auto-training daily stand in front of the mirror and tell myself, you look great, what you're smart, interesting and skillful woman. When you say this around, for you it will not be a surprise.

The interviewee has the right to wear rose-colored glasses and exaggerate your flaws. Do not rush to dissuade him.

Remember that your opinion of yourself is also subjective. Perhaps you think your freckles one of the ugliest events in the world, and the other sees them dozens of small suns that dwelleth with you on the nose.

After receiving a compliment, do not need to answer to begin to extol the interlocutor, otherwise you risk to be like the heroes of the famous fable about a rooster and cuckoo.

In response to the nice words do not begin to tell the other person how hard you should achieve this result, as you mix hair dye, creating the desired color, and how long ate oatmeal for breakfast before you clean the skin. Firstly, it can be a companion and uninteresting, and secondly, most men still do not understand the problem of combining pink with lavender.

Remember that a person utters a compliment on their own. No need to be grateful to the grave, because he praised your outfit.

The most appropriate and adequate response to a compliment to be your smile and gratitude. This will make a nice and myself with dignity apprehended the kind words and the other person who may have long hesitated to approach you.

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