Emotional blackmail, or how to achieve their

Emotional blackmail, or how to achieve their
 Emotional blackmail - a powerful form of manipulation. It is usually applied to the closest and dearest people. What happens in this case? As in such a psychological impact on the human may get his?  

Emotional blackmail is used everywhere. Very often parents use it in relation to children. Often the father and mother more often, adding a weak voice notes painful, tell their adult child: "If you come late, I jumped up pressure" or something in the same spirit. Small child adults also blackmailed, "If you do not eat this mess, we're not going to ride on machines."

It's all very convincing pronounced. Parents do not realize that they apply to the children emotional blackmail. They sincerely believe that this is just the educational process.

Blackmail is often found in the relationship between adults. Head of pressure on subordinates is using emotional blackmail: "Because of your sluggishness foiled this transaction." Couples also express to each other claims such as: "If you're late, you'll never see me again."

There are several techniques of emotional blackmail. Achieve their various ways of manipulation. For example, you can demonstrate your strength, give examples and cite the authority to control and manage the closest person.

You can, on the contrary, insist on, showing weakness. Play the role of victim, show their sensitivity to be passive and silent. In this case, a loved one will feel sorry for you and fulfill all requirements.

Often acts manipulation method in which the blackmailer demonstrates caring, warmth and love. Manifests boundless kindness. Perhaps that is so emotional blackmail, you can get what you want from a loved one often. He readily will you make concessions.

Another way - constantly emphasize their criticality to all actions blackmailed. Never trust exercise rancor and resentment. And so what he wants.

The opposite method also works well. Have you always been expressed in all the support and sympathy does not allow your loved one to stand up for themselves.

Whichever method you emotional blackmail is used, remember that loved ones is better not to manipulate, but just genuinely love them. And then, without any blackmail they will show you care and attention.

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