Do not drown in my thoughts

Do not drown in my thoughts
 Man - a being reasonable, and therefore thinking. Thinking - the highest stage of human cognition of the real world. But the world is very large. And every day falls on us a powerful stream of new information, which we have to deal with.

Every day we are faced with many problems at home, at work, in public transport, etc. The constant need to solve them - not an easy task. In our head spinning hundreds of thoughts: what to wear today, as a child came to school, why he did not call, what to cook for dinner, and others. The experience overwhelmed us, it is very difficult to concentrate on one thing. As a result - a nervous breakdown and conflict.

Very often, we can not distinguish the most important of the mental flow. It is impossible to grasp the immensity. You must be able to help themselves. One way to put down the priorities is to present his thoughts on paper or orally. You can write a column all the exciting moments to date, and next put down the serial number in accordance with their importance to you. You will find that many problems can be solved later, and the decision to combine some (eg, call the child and at the same time to ask what he wanted for dinner).

Another reason for nervous breakdowns - is an experience in itself. We do not want to share their troubles with others. However, this should be done. It is very important to have someone who can voice their thoughts. Even if he did not give any advice you would like hear myself. Pronunciation of problems - this is the beginning of their decision. You will find that you will feel better and give moral support to each other new forces.

Also, do not forget about the rest. In a tense life rhythm is difficult to make time for yourself. But his body still will, so whether you want to continuously drive it forward? Be sure to select the day for a few minutes to listen to your favorite music, talk with your child, take a relaxing bath, etc. Best of the Rest - is switching from one activity to another.

Do not forget to pamper yourself and you will see that life is not so bad, and all the problems - just moments that you just need to survive.

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