Check your fear in the eye

Check your fear in the eye
 Sometimes normal jitters can be reborn in obsession and settles in you a sense of fear is so strong that suppresses all the positive feelings and emotions that usually experiences a normal person. Fear can be made on the grounds that you are aware of on a subconscious level, it may signal you of approaching danger. It may also be associated with a lack of trust, lack of confidence in their abilities and low self-esteem. Look into the eyes of your fear to overcome it.

Analyze your fears, try to find the cause of their appearance and understand what you can to prevent it. Imagine the mind that what you were so afraid, really happened. Think about how you can do to avoid or mitigate the effects of this terrible event for you. How can you protect yourself from it. The more options you ponder the finer will seem your fear that you were dissected with such care.

Think about the fact that every person has the ability to recover that any, even the most destructive disaster only reason to start over. Believe in yourself and tell yourself that you are not afraid that you have the strength to overcome any difficulty you have loved ones and friends, you are not alone and they will also help you.

If you feel that your fear - the worst, try to imagine a more horrible things, in comparison with which your concerns can immediately fade.

Even better, you can help to complete the workload. Load themselves with work, chores and concerns, coping with whom you will forget about their fears, because you just do not have time to think about them. It is best in this case helps to hard physical labor, after which there is no time to be afraid of - just to get to bed and fall asleep.

Any fear depart, if you try to beat the humorous situation, if you try to cheer themselves a joke, you will feel like you have not become scared.

And remember that he spoke Polish journalist Krzysztof Konkolewsky, the author of the famous aphorism: "On his deathbed relieved see that almost all of your fears were completely in vain."

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