All change - for the better?

All change - for the better?
 People always tend to stability, the usual course of things always seem more comfortable. However, at times on the way there are all sorts of changes, both pleasant and not. Recent able to put out of balance, causing a lot of inconvenience, but eventually raise the level of development.

The world is very concerning. Select only you - to see the changes in difficulty and trouble, or an opportunity to change for the better. In fact, absolutely all of the events that occur, can teach something new.

The only question is, are you ready to accept them, considering each change superb chance, even if at first it does not seem quite enjoyable. In China, for example, the word "crisis" is indicated by two characters, one of which is translated "opportunity", "chance".

Parting with old habitual leads to a life of something new. For example, you are fired from their jobs, which, in general, you are all over the suit. It seems that where is the development? Take a look at the situation from a different angle: in spite of the fact that you are accustomed to stability in this work, internally you are ready to move on, grow professionally. And perhaps even mature enough to change the scope of activities.

Agree, if you were not asked to leave this job, do you have hardly done. Besides, now, while you are looking for a new job, you will have a short break, which can be used to communicate with a loved one, family, devote this time to hobbies, creativity, self-absorbed.

Consider another situation - separation from a loved one. This change gives you the opportunity to rethink certain things, an opportunity for spiritual growth, as well as time to practice, for example, career, or work on the exterior.

Unable to switch to a new stage of development, if you are not willing to give up something old. Yes, it can be painful, but remember that this is only the arguments of the mind, which is used to share all the good and bad. In fact, everything is going well - as it should be. The changes are given to us to extract valuable experience.

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