Treason as a way to raise self-esteem

Treason as a way to raise self-esteem
 Women and men need to self-assertion. And often they choose to do is not suitable methods. For example, to change his / her spouse. Why is this happening and how it can be avoided?

When man forgets that his wife, first of all, is a woman in the family begin some problems. The woman begins to seek out weaknesses in the mirror of their appearance and signs of impending old age. As a result of depressed.

Treated beautiful half of humanity from such disorders simple way - shopping, visiting a beauty salon, a complete change of image. A man can not see how in just a single moment of his wife transformed from a humble housewife in a femme fatale. And if time does not pay attention to his wife, she will begin to seek the attention of other men.

What may end harmless flirting, probably no need to explain. Lost his head from numerous compliments woman literally melting away. A new beau certainly take advantage of it.

After a small affair on the side of the woman feels a surge of vitality, she realizes that interesting and desirable. For this reason, she can continue to meet with her lover. In this case, it may cherish her husband and at the slightest danger of losing the family fortune she will stop all meetings with a new friend.

As for the men, it was mostly self-affirmation they need sexually. When approaching the critical level of 40 years, husbands are beginning to realize that youth is over, and try to extend it in any way. According to them, they can help young mistress.

Indeed, when my wife and they lived for many years, sex life fades. Sexual acts happen less and becoming less duration and occur more out of habit than with emotion. Thus, the man feels that he loses his sexual power.

When a man turns forty years in the same bed with a girl of twenty, he realizes that he is capable of much. His stop tormenting thoughts about old age and helplessness, he loses his head. When this man, as well as the woman can cherish family relations and love your spouse.

Thus, to decide on change for the sake of self-affirmation can husbands and wives. But that's going to happen if this step depends largely on the partner. Spouse should periodically surprise your beloved, to arrange her romantic evenings and constantly say that it is perfect. A wife, in turn, is necessary to help prevent and her husband thought that he was too old for love comfort, and never reminded of "flash in the pan", if any. Then the pair will be able to go through all the difficult moments and preserve the purity of their relationship.

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