Power of words and thoughts

Power of words and thoughts
 Power of the Word has been known since ancient times. Our ancestors were careful careless words and thoughts, as noticed that much to say, sooner or later comes true. The last 20 years, people have again started to get involved in esoteric knowledge and discovered that the power of words and thoughts prohibitively high.

Now people realize that using your own words and thoughts they can form their own reality in accordance with the wishes. But in order to send out into the universe right information you need to know a few basic rules to formulate their own statements.

Speak any of their desire as if it were already true. For example: "I bought (a) a new apartment." An important factor is the emotions that arise from you in connection with the uttered phrase. Cause more positive feelings can be bright if you use emotional words in the statement, for example: gorgeous, huge, beautiful, etc.

When forming thoughts or phrases do not use the particle "no". The fact that the universe is absolutely not distinguish between it and your words will perform in accordance with the literal order. For example: "Every day I am getting richer" - the correct wording, "I am not poor" - the wrong phrase, because it contains a negative sense.

Now, many people not only learned to monitor their own words and thoughts, but especially pronounced positive statements in the hope that so they can significantly improve the future. Such statements are called affirmations. Pronounce them better not less than 3 times per day. An example of such a statement might be: "I accept myself, love and respect their own needs." You can find a large number of affirmations in any book on positive thinking, or make up your own using the main recommendations given above.

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