Nick on the Internet and character

Nick on the Internet and character
 Each of us has a name, which have little to say about the man. That's nickname, which people use the Internet - is another matter. His consciously invent, invest in it a hidden meaning and very jealous of his copy. Western psychologists decided to analyze the virtual name of the person and find out what he wants to say it with the help of the world.

So, Nick, which is derived from the real name of the author or of his profession (Alia, Sandra, student) characterizes a person as standing firmly on his feet, to cope with their complexes. Such a person does not want to build from a virtual space in someone who he is not really. But be careful, perhaps, this is not a nickname derived from the name, it refers to the following group dedicated psychologists.

Nick, who is your favorite character name (Legolas, Bond, Mr. Freeman). Man holding a nickname, believes that it is similar to their chosen character. Sometimes it really is happening, and with the likes of nice to talk to, because you know in advance with whom you deal. However, most people take the name of the hero of the book or the film that he likes most. It may also be an attempt to win the love of others, is intended for the character (a person with the name "Edward" will be a lot of fans).

Nick - the name of a quality person ("beauty", "bold", "affectionate") does not mean that its owner is handsome, brave and kind. Most often it is said that this is how he wants to look in the eyes of the public. Moreover, this quality he lacks in real life.

Funny nickname ("monkey", "orange camel") indicates that its owner is OK with a sense of humor. Also, this person is inherent in self-irony, he has successfully overcome their complexes, active and friendly.

People with overly romantic nickname ("branch of lilac", "lonely wanderer"), usually either too young or infantile and addicted shoddy novels about love. It is these men say to you beautiful poetry and podnesut heavy bags.

If you are not satisfied with the results of research psychologists, that in many forums have a theme, "which means your nick." Read it - you learn about people a lot of interesting and unexpected.

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