How to please the other person. Professional Advice

How to please the other person. Professional Advice
 In modern times for growth than skills must also be able to win a man. Many believe that flirting - a romantic or sexual game. But actually flirting - the development of confidence and self-esteem through the establishment of other warm and sincere relationship. Many of us are very easy to build relationships with family and friends, but not many can build a relationship with any man and please him.

To please the other person and build a warm and sincere relationship must adhere to several recommendations of psychologists.

1.Smotrite eyes interlocutor. This will create a trusting and confident atmosphere.

2.Aktivno listen to the interlocutor.

3. Do not ask questions that require clear answers. The interviewee must understand that it is interesting to you.

4.Budte confident.

5.Pokazhite that you have a sense of humor. Learn to laugh not only at others, but also on themselves.

6.Budte honest and sincere. If you respect other people, then they will respect you.

7.Budte friendly.

8.Budte positive.

9.Postaraytes be attractive.

10. You have to like it. Self-esteem - it is something that you need to work in the first place.

11. You have to take an interest in other people. Listen to other people, show empathy, and empathy.

12.Vy should do compliments. Very sincere endorsement plays an important role for humans. When praise you, just say, "Thank you" - and the word.

Bring The Action!

So, using all your knowledge into practice in the first place do not forget to smile seller in the store, listen to the passenger sitting next to you in public transport, thank conductor. These are the first steps to establish contacts with other people and a great chance to please them.

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