Do not be afraid to be happy

Do not be afraid to be happy
 We all strive to be happy. Every person is needed for that specific conditions. Of course, you can sit back and wait for the happiness descend upon us, afraid of their desires. But time does not stand still and waiting for a miracle can take the whole of life.

What a woman needs to be happy? It all depends on what goals it pursues in life. In the case of a woman seeking a career, all his strength, it sends a career. Reaching the next stage, she feels moral satisfaction. At the same success in his personal life overshadowed. The success in his career - one of the main desires of the modern woman. It is dictated by the need to earn a living itself. Unfortunately, not every man is able to support a family on their own. It becomes one of the causes of divorce, the number of single women is increasing. They are not afraid of self-sufficiency and find happiness in other areas.

Is it possible to happiness in marriage? Undoubtedly. Family happiness - daily work. Nothing is a given. Need not be afraid to go to meet each other, because mutual understanding - the basis for a strong relationship. But if a woman is not afraid of difficulties that inevitably accompany family life, she will be happy. All insurmountable - there is a will and patience. Then, much can be achieved, even if not immediately.

We must learn to be happy. You can start small: happy new day, singing birds, the smile of the child. And smile back. Everyone and everything. You need to love yourself, to be able to cheer yourself up. Yes, it's not easy, but thinking about the good, you will attract the good. Our thoughts are material. Sending a negative, you will receive in response to negative energy. It is a vicious circle. Do not be afraid to break out of it. In the end, one life, and you will live it depends entirely on you.

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