What is the cause of your loneliness

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 Few people can safely take loneliness. Most seek as soon as possible to fill the icy vacuum that creates this feeling. But some of it, if it turns out that with great difficulty. And there are objective reasons, the realization of which is very important to combat loneliness.
 Sounds festival next door - what could be more frustrating if you are at this moment sitting alone or in the company of cats so a cup of tea? You would think that this is unfair. After all, you're trying so hard to meet those who will share with you the days of the evening - life! View thousands of profiles on dating sites, hundreds of meetings, a lot of passed psychological training - and all for nothing. What's the matter, and what sets you apart from those lucky that now partake of a festive family dinner or prepare to spend a romantic night with your husband?

There are many causes of loneliness. To understand what prevents you to be happy, try to find among them his own. Do the little experience: Take a sheet of paper, a pen and write, "I am lonely because ...". And then write down all the reasons that come to mind. Do not worry about the answers, write even something that seems absurd to you - such as the inability to properly apply makeup or unwillingness to wash men's socks.

In most cases, after an hour and a half scrupulous "debriefing" you will come to the conclusion that the cause of your loneliness lies in one, and possibly the next few moments.

Dislike for yourself

If you do not love yourself, do not take their dignity, it is unlikely that someone will be able to love you. In this world, everything is arranged according to the principle: "who have - in fact, and abundance, and who does not - take away."

High expectations

Alas, the princes of this world not enough at all, and therefore pay attention to the ordinary men who walk the streets of your town or even work in a nearby with your department. Did you pass by every day of their own destiny.

Overly critical attitude to the opposite sex

What is there to blame - your personal experience or girlfriends? And can install that "all men - scoundrels priori" obtained in the parental home? Does not matter. But the desire to see a man first and foremost enemy, too, can be a cause of loneliness.

Banal desire to change your life, let it new experiences and new relationships

Alas, this is a common cause of loneliness. And let you cold and empty in the evenings, but the place for a close male in your life and another toothbrush in your bathroom is not.

Such introspection, as a rule, gives an insight into the reasons due to which you can not build a relationship, and secondary benefits from the state of loneliness. And even if you do not understand why so long was left alone, then certainly learn about yourself a lot. And this is great, this opens up tremendous opportunities to work on them.

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