The rainy season: get rid of autumn alarms

The rainy season: get rid of autumn alarms
 Autumn and Spring depression - the phenomenon is quite common. This is understandable in this climate variability. Spring in the body is almost no vitamins, we spent the winter. In the fall of our body begins to lose heart in anticipation of the upcoming cold weather and short days.

Ways of dealing with the autumn depression is, quite a lot of them, you can select any to his liking. But it is better to combine several, then the effect will be long, and you will not know the anguish not only in autumn and winter and spring.

Month of September is usually pretty warm. Around the yellow, green, red leaves, bright blue sky, the smell of fallen leaves. So nice to your day, wrapped in a comfortable old sweater, walk along the boulevards by the arm with a loved one. Try to remember these feelings. Gather a few maple leaves, dry the late flower, take a picture of a piece of sky with white fluffy clouds. Get yourself a box where you put all these memorable trinkets. Once you feel the approach of anguish, open your treasury. That's bow, which flew from the shoes of your daughter. Remember how you were circling together under the falling leaves? Here cufflink your husband, and the second was lost when you ran into the nearest entrance - to hide from a sudden thunderstorm. These happy moments will help you get rid of depression.

Cold winter evenings, wrapped in a warm blanket, so nice to sit there the whole family to drink tea, telling each other stories. If the family is no - Head tradition of meetings with friends. Take your free time to the reasons for boredom and dark thoughts left.

New accessories will also help restore summer high spirits. Buy bright rubber boots and stomp through puddles in them. Purchase a yellow, pink, green raincoat or an umbrella. Try a funny hat. All these little things will help you keep in mind the sun until the next warm season.

If nostalgia does not let go - decide on repairs in the apartment. Firstly, it will take almost all your free time, and secondly, you can redo your room so that they remind you of holidays, sea, tropical countries. It is not difficult. Add to the interior juicy shades of green, orange, red. Spread on the floor mat of bright straw, put on the table colored napkin. Let the window late autumn, and your refuge will always be summer.

Try not to get discouraged when in the off season will charge heavy rains. No matter how long they are, it's not all! Soon holiday - New Year. And behind him - a fun Mardi Gras. And there in May is around the corner. And what is in May? This spring, fresh greens, bird trills, the bright sun! Imagine this picture, and now the gloomy morning outside the window is no longer quite so gray. And life began to build!

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