The purpose of life - in joy

The purpose of life - in joy
 Have you ever considered that the happy man is much easier to live? And imagine that you can consciously evoke a sense of joy and happiness, and thus significantly improve their quality of life. Yes, yes, you heard right, enjoy life - it is one of the most wonderful things in the world. It is possible that it is a joy and meaning of life. Do not believe me? Spend a little detective work.

Why do people live? Respond to this question in different ways. Well, for example, a person has a goal - to earn a lot of money to give their children a good education. If you drop a deeper, you find out that it will allow his children to earn a living and do not depend on the parents. And then what? Children are no longer dependent on you, you can with a clear conscience to do so, as always dreamed of, but did not have time and opportunity - painted on canvas, for example. It gives you joy, but in order to have such an opportunity, first, that the children started working, but it needs a lot of work to you ...

Now one question: if a person the meaning of life is to arrange all the family and give yourself the opportunity thus doing things you love, why he is not engaged in this most favorite thing right now? Indeed, in painting on canvas, in fact, there is nothing illegal. This can be done by working and children for that attach anywhere it is not necessary.

We need to learn to enjoy life right now and it is today. And do not be put off this opportunity to better times. You are cheating yourself so believe me. If you want ice cream, buy it myself now, but do not expect that your weight has dropped to a certain value. Maybe then eat ice cream you already have an incentive, what will you do then? Our life is beautiful, and the most remarkable thing about it is that no one moment it will never happen again. Think about it, when you indulge in some pleasure "until next time." Need to live for today, enjoy it, and not to cry and grieve that your life is terrible and always remain so. Rejoice that you have. Even if you think you do nothing, get some small change and treat her. In spite of everything, just like that!

Each person faces in life with good and bad. Learn to notice the smallest good, the smallest positive aspects of your life and turn a blind eye to something bad and negative. It all depends on our view, if the focus on the positive, it will be much more. Enjoy everything from butterflies flying near your nose, the smell of jasmine at the window, from the smile of a loved one. Our life is short, and if you fill it with pleasant moments of joy every minute, it will become brighter and always remembered.

Try to extract the good from the bad, even, learn from it and be always happy and satisfied. Our life - an adventure: interesting, exciting and unforgettable. Get pleasure from it, because it is the most important thing! Live and enjoy life - is not it great?

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