The Power of Intention, or how to realize their dreams and desires

The Power of Intention, or how to realize their dreams and desires
 Akin to a dream come true meaning of life: the desire for it forces us to move, to do things to make decisions. But what actions to help realize the dream and desire to perform, only a few know. To reveal its mysteries and achieve success.

Specify in words what you want. Do not list all their desires, from the new chandelier to the TV. Select the first one goal, the most important, and focus on it. Write your wish on paper.

Engage in realizing the dream of today. Force yourself to take steps to realize the dream: to collect, to postpone or leave unspent part of the money to buy a new home, order a gym membership, rejection of excess pastry, and so on.

Believe in your strength. On the way to a dream you will wait many difficulties and obstacles, but who promised you the path strewn with rose petals? Few things in life is given without difficulty. Are you sure you will make mistakes, but the question is not even in their quantity or scale, and in your attitude towards them. Be sure that avoid large errors and you can fix the medium and small.

Shall describe the items that you need to achieve the dream. Each item in the time limit - to a certain number of push-ups you so many times, to such a pouchastvuete in the city competitions, and so on. It is important not to overestimate their strength. It is better to put small tasks for short periods than big problem for a long time.

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