Riddle Women - Feminism

Riddle Women - Feminism
 Feminism in Russia has not caught on. In view of the mentality and can still any reasons. However, the word in the language left, and hence for them lies some concept. And somehow, in Russia it has acquired a negative connotation. Why is this happening?
From a young age I began to consider themselves antifeministkoy. Because I was sincerely convinced that the difficulties faced by my life, appeared in it only because of the fact that once upon a time nobody needs loser decided to prove its viability female. For example, I could not understand why women late XIX-early XX century it took to go to the polls. I, frankly, and now do not understand: you go to the polls? Personally, I was there once, and then for the company. And then, when the time came to go to university, I could not grasp why women are so impatient to learn - it's requires enormous effort, nerves, and sometimes money. And it does not fit in my mind that our predecessors did not like so in the tradition of choice for them groom their own parents. After all, if ultimately women still marry someone who will call them (and in most cases, a woman married name is not every day, but only a few times in life, and that in the best case), then why go in complex ways and start searching for her husband on their own? In general, feminists asked me a lot of questions during the formation of my personality. And not all of them I was able to find a decent answers.

What is feminism?

 In the broadest sense of the word - it is the desire for equality of women with men in all spheres of society, the original purpose of which was the fight against discrimination and the denial of women worldwide. At first, everything seemed to be going very well. Women have ensured that they are no longer killed when they ask for a divorce, and soon they have even stopped to consider propane. Next worse - at first they were given the right to receive an education, and then soon got and financial independence from men. The fact that to earn much more difficult than to shift this responsibility to a man, not confused feminists, and they started to make their way up the career ladder. And at first, too, everything seems to have been a good idea - because at first career could only do a really smart and hard-working woman, but soon they were replaced by unbearable bitchiness ladies, ready to go over the head, just to achieve the desired result. And again - like the best, but it turned out - as always.
It would seem - for many, but it's not all that does not suit me to feminism. Somehow, these women can not understand and accept the fact that with the increase in direct proportion to the rights and growing number of responsibilities. Why, for example, do not try to feminists defend their right to serve in the army? Why such "discrimination" they are quite satisfied? Here in Israel, serve all, regardless of gender.
Or another example - for women in many countries, there are more lenient prison conditions, and in some states comes to the fact that the death penalty can only touch men and women ever! And again - no reaction on the part of the fairer sex. Oh, sorry - full of human individuals.
Not to mention the fact that very often men are disadvantaged in their rights in all matters relating to families and children - in a divorce, judges tend to favor mothers, addressing the question of who will live with common children. And that's all feminists are satisfied!
The movement for women's rights in society can be accused of one-sided judgments and opinions - that is, that "disadvantaged" see only what suits them, and do not want to open their eyes to what can harm them. And then I repeat - feminists refuse to understand that with increasing number of rights and obligations is growing.
Whether it live married. Her husband. Do not think about what to feed their children. Do not think about how to deal with the oppression on the part of the authorities. Do not think about anything except the family - and this is not difficult, because they are so dear and beloved. And it's so natural - to want to be a woman. Or not?
Recently I asked my friends if they would agree to fly on an expedition to Mars. For how many years out there. One and the same room (or rather several, and not rooms and compartments, it seems as they are called on the spacecraft). The same people. The darkness outside the windows. And most importantly - a complete lack of choice - that's what scares me the most during the flight to Mars. And that lack of choice frightens me the most in my life.
Well, let's say I want to work. I mean, I do not want to drag myself to the financial burden on the family, but to be in the team I in general like. And I say - stay home and do housework. I am not opposed in principle, it scares me that I had no choice. What if tomorrow I say, jump out the window? By the way, you know that in Afghanistan, it seems, women, risking his own life, a secret from the others get an education. Well, not the idiocy?
Yes, idiocy. And the merit of feminism consists precisely in the fact that totally unacceptable things that right now here we seem to be totally unacceptable for us to become established. But once they were completely in order.
And most importantly - the merit of feminism is that I have a choice: to be a career-embittered the whole world (the one that actually called feminists), or opt for a more traditional role of wife and mother. It is good that I got into the group of those whom society considers "normal". Well, what I want to be in this group. What I like it here. And what if I had no luck, and I was born to smart and talented and would not want to spend my life only to domestic fuss? Maybe I would have opened the radium and would contribute to the development of world science. In a word, feminism has given us the opportunity to be themselves, and to decide what we want to be - weak and dependent, or strong and proud. In short, I - against feminists))

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