How to live a happy life

How to live a happy life
 Life, unfortunately, is given once and want to dispose of it sensibly, not to regret the missed opportunities in his declining years. But keep in mind this fear to make a mistake and do something wrong and can not be tiring. Happiness is given to a person, open for him, ready to accept it. Often too high expectations from life only disappointing, as it does not lead to the desired result.
 Have you ever thought about the meaning of life when you have it - a carefree childhood, frivolous youth, youth in the Almighty. By mid-life person ceases to be "immortal" and sometimes feels complete impotence in the face adversity. Many dreams thwarted by the harsh reality, many opportunities missed. It is time to stop to set a global agenda and a long walk to the target.

Enjoy the small victories, the very process of achieving them. Goal to lose weight 30 pounds, if they are really unnecessary, of course, is worthy of praise, but few can achieve it. Therefore, to avoid the stress of knowing that it will not happen soon, change the number 30 to 3. Limit consumption of certain products, do not overeat at night, and a few days later the result is obvious. The joy of this inspire you to further victories, along with them comes happiness, you will feel a strong personality and it really will.

Happy life - a life without negativity and depression, as if every day to feel the delight of the winner, avoid them completely. If you set a goal to find a good husband, break it into several steps - learn how to communicate with men, get them to respect themselves, not timid when meeting and so on, gradually moving to the dream. Keeping in mind only the very basic purpose, you will not be able to assess your smaller achievements and feel helpless and miserable.

Many unsolved problems seem to be such at first glance. Just look at them from the other side, and all ceases to be such a tragic and terrible. Do you think that life is a failure, if you have not reached the heights of the career ladder. Look for more "successful" colleagues - perhaps in their life is not so rosy as it seems. Rejoice their freedom of scheming and intrigue, devote their weekends to family and friends, playing sports, and let the chief envy you!

In careerists often happens unhappy marriage with total incomprehension in the family and that the second half, as all their time they devote to work, not thinking about the family. Health workaholic, too, leaves much to be desired. Strokes, heart attacks, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and potency - it is only a small part of all the problems that have plagued the people making career. This is not a sign of a happy life.

Hard and unhappy life with the unloved person, but there are no circumstances that would prevent you to change it. And forty and fifty and sixty years too late to start a new life, using their experience and accumulated knowledge. After all, his unwillingness to find a way out of the protracted relationship you deprive you a chance to find true love and your spouse. Faced with his dream, you will feel a rush of adrenaline, tenderness, and something that has no name, that full of thanks to fate for happiness that it gives you.

Not in the car happiness, and in his absence. What's wrong is that you do not need to pay transport taxes and spend money on spare parts, fuel and repair? And remember the terrible accidents and catastrophes that threaten the man behind the wheel. Constant worry about the safety of your car, on hooligans and hijackers can poison your life and make you paranoid.

Do the findings themselves, you create your own happiness.

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