How to control their emotions

How to control their emotions
 If you own your emotions - which means you own your life. Hold any situation under control - the desire of every person. When you learn to control your emotions, then you can easily manage people.

Emotion - this is a very important part of our lives. Emotions are very difficult to control. But in the right hands they work wonders. Control of their emotions - the process is not easy, it requires constant training and a huge commitment.

When an annoying situation you try not to throw out their emotions out. First count to 10. This is a simple and very effective method. The fact that it was during these 10 seconds passes first flash of anger. Thus, you will be able to cope with the first wave of your indignation and objectively look at the problem. When you are under stress, you are more vulnerable than usual. Besides, should not show people around their weaknesses. Try to neutralize his anger, at least in part.

Commitment to excellence - that's the key to control their emotions. Develop and you will start to gradually rise above itself. this will allow you to see the world through different eyes completely. You will see that the old problems that seemed unsolvable you really are not. Accent on their best qualities, to develop their as much as possible. Do not be afraid to go forward. You should interest not only himself, but also the people around you.

Conduct in-depth analysis of his personality. The idea is to objectively assess their strengths and weaknesses. Do not try to look for a merely negative character traits. Start with the fact that analyze their conflicts and misunderstandings with other people. Maybe this is, and your wine. Give yourself an objective assessment. This will allow you to look at things from a different angle. Next time, in such a case you will behave differently. You will not be ruled by emotion, this emotion will be in your power.

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