How to control their emotions

How to control their emotions
 Negative emotions may be caused by people or events, but may appear independently from them. In any case, the only culprit that we are. Emotions, out-of-control, at least not serve the desired developments, and at best - spoil everything completely.
 First of all, you must understand that the emotion - it is a normal human reaction to changes in the environment. But it's just a reaction. This is not your way of thinking, not your mind and not your mind, emotion - just a reaction to what is happening. For it is only in place if an event does affect your interests, and if the changes really exist anywhere except your mind. Create a simple logical formula by which you will filter the emotions, in the case if at least one of the items is controversial, emotion does not deserve attention.

Emotions in the workplace are unacceptable. Their appearance prevents workflow, and display can lead to extremely undesirable consequences. To pre-empt their recommended to set clear priorities on the basis of "the working week can happen any" do not waste your nerves in vain. Additional support in order to remain in this state may be specific wardrobe that you only use at work - hair, makeup, clothes and accessories. Link your appearance to your inner state.

One way of separation from irritants is the understanding of the phenomenon of temporality and the memory of his goals in the "here and now". Purpose as long-term and short-term, we face always. Emotions rarely fit into their achievement, so sometimes to keep negative emotions simply remember why you are here and now. Be aware that the manifestation of negative emotions rather alienate you from your destination or to create unnecessary obstacles in the future.

Abstracted from the emotional component of what is happening. Think of all the events that trigger emotions with "minus" side only of the facts that you need to deal with. If you feel that none of the above methods will not work, use a proven way of counting to ten. Breathe in the air, and then slowly count to ten and exhale. Do this action to complete the rest of the emotional background.

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