Do all girls like flowers?

Do all girls like flowers?
 Come on appointment to the girl without flowers as if already considered bad form. When a man does not know what to give to a girl, he gives her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and when he knows he will surely complement your gift all the same colors. And everything seems to be logical - the flowers are beautiful, beautiful woman, and so eager to perfect accompanied by fine ... But whether all the girls are so fond of flowers? ..

The tradition of giving a woman flowers has for many centuries. Since ancient times, there is even a special language of flowers. Its essence is that a certain flower can carry some definite message. For example, dark pink rose would symbolize gratitude and appreciation, but snowdrop - comfort and hope. Of course, men nowadays rarely guided by this dictionary, picking bouquets either in appearance or price, and the girl more pleasant note, which carries a bouquet than its sacred significance.

But whether the stereotype is true that all the girls love flowers? In fact, the ratio of women to have such a gift can be quite varied.

Of course, most girls will be a joy such a gift - it will not only decorate the interior of the house, but it will remind her of the person prepodnёsshem bouquet. Rare girl starts to act up to the fact that it is not satisfied with the resulting bouquet, but that does not mean that she does not think so. When a man brings to the date of mimosa branch, some girls may think that it is better if he did not bring anything. Therefore, if you decided to gift a bouquet, then he will be selected carefully and tastefully.

Now the flower business is booming as never before. In any flower shop will not only help you choose the bouquet, but it is beautiful to issue, even though you can not really articulate what she likes. If you give a bouquet, do not neglect these services.

However, even a bunch of like not all. Some girls think that flowers "dead flowers", as they call them - it's just a waste of money. Benefit from no colors, besides, they still fade in a few days. So practical girls can try to give a flower in a pot - usually they like such a move.

Well, the girls who are allergic to flowers - this is a completely different story. Such possible, like flowers, but can not physically withstand their presence in the room.

So before you teach a woman charming bouquet, find out unobtrusively, like whether it this turn. Otherwise, you may be trapped.

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