Depression and neurosis: the output is always there!

Depression and neurosis: the output is always there!
 Do not underestimate the depression. This is not just a temporary discomfort, which itself will take place, it is a serious disease that has a significant impact on your health, performance and relationships with other people.

Causes of depression are individual, symptoms are usually similar: apathy, loss of interest in the phenomena around you, indecision, constant fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia, thoughts of death. You should not let depression to float freely, it is necessary as soon as possible to pull yourself together and start a ruthless war with her.

First, and most importantly, try to figure out the cause of your experiences. Do not build a wall between themselves and the world around you, get the person to whom you can say what you have on your mind. If such a person is not, pour out their thoughts on paper. This will not only ease your state of mind, but also help find solutions to problems. Perhaps things are not as bad as you imagine clocked?

Should not give hands and lie for hours, staring at the ceiling. Point your hand at work. Maybe you've been planning any project, but its implementation was never enough time. Now is a great opportunity to realize themselves. So you kill two birds: distracted from the problems that bother you, and distinguished himself as an excellent worker.

Try to escape from bad thoughts. Let your head will be occupied by others: read books, crossword puzzles, watching movies positive. It is useful to arrange for a day of pleasure. Go to a beauty salon, arrange shopping, treat yourself to your favorite ice cream in a cafe. It would be wonderful if next to you on this day will be the closest person. Depression will be over!

With neurosis and depression can handle aromatherapy. Type in your bath water and add a few drops of oil of ylang-ylang and lavender. This will help to relax and get away from the pessimistic thoughts. Excellent help to cope with the negative soothing massage with aromatic oils.

Learn to smile. Stand in front of a mirror and just smile at her reflection. First, you'll make it through force, but then it will bring you a real pleasure.

In any case it is not necessary to heat depression in alcohol. Most often only worsens the condition of intoxication, the person starts to feel sorry for yourself and even more immersed in their problems. Do not forget that drunk people tend to make great stupidity, often irreparable.

Any, even the most difficult problems can be solved, with all the difficulties can be overcome. The main thing is not to despair and to believe in themselves.

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