Carefully, angry neighbors. Tactics communication

Carefully, angry neighbors. Tactics communication
 Living in a high-rise building very eventful. All residents share common problems - the water cut off, broken elevator, cut down electricity. And your whole life passes in full view of other residents, and not always smoothly. In any situation, you have to be mutually polite and tolerant. But not everyone is able. Restless, noisy, angry neighbors met not so rare. These can sometimes turn out to you. But in any case it is necessary to find a common language and be able to regulate conflicts peacefully.
 Causes of conflicts with its neighbors can be very much. Do not give time debts protracted repairs, permanent flooding, the noise in the evenings and at night, smoking under your door, throwing cigarette butts on your balcony, failure to comply with cleanliness in public places entrance, boorish attitude to you and your household and much more.

Relations with its neighbors depends. Social level, age, common interests, the presence of children and their ages. In any case, you have become real friends or strangers were doled throwing at the meeting "good day" - courtesy, respect, ability to compromise, tolerance and tact must be a major factor in building relations.

If you are unhappy with your neighbors, start with yourself. Perhaps you yourself have given cause for the bad to you attitude and aggressive actions. It may well be that you are too picky and sharply react to minor discomfort and forced, intolerant, There are complaints on any trifle.

Neighbors second month drilled the wall and prevent you rest. But by law they can do it. In addition, the repair - and perhaps a necessary measure in a year, you already start to equip your apartment and harassing neighbors noise. So be patient and wait. Repair work can not last forever.

You have a small child and the noise interferes with repair his daytime sleep - Talk with your neighbors without claim this problem. If they have the opportunity (this often depends on the schedule of the construction team), you should definitely make concessions, and your baby will sleep in peace.

A neighbor took the money in the debt and does not give. Do not just build it to the rank of Liars. The reasons can be many. To begin calmly ask why she did not give a busy time and when going to do it. And it is only then draw conclusions.

Above you lived a young couple and they are constantly going to the company and make noise until late at night. To start quietly inform neighbors that they violate your peace. Sometimes young people do not think about such "trifles". But if after your warning merry festivities do not stop, and the police can cause.

Neighbors - elderly people suffering from migraines and high blood pressure can pester you for any reason - you stomp out loud, go to bed late, you have noisy kids, you constantly pour water or you have night lights on. It is not clear how it can relate to them, but, nevertheless, it's all they are concerned, and they bother you. It should be easy on such attacks, making allowances for age and poor health.

By virtue of upbringing, education, prevailing worldview and health people can behave quite differently and not always adequate. All this must be understood and not to conflict, except that you do not frayed nerves bring.

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