Barbie Doll: Pros and Cons

Barbie Doll: Pros and Cons
 Moms and dads differently can relate to American Beauty Barbie, but deny the fact that she really like their little daughter, they can not. Disputes about how good Barbie or not, continue to the very moment of the birth of this toy.

Barbie doll for many years is a contradiction feelings of parents. Some consider it the standard of female beauty. They set an example to their daughters refined shape of this toy that does not have a single gram of fat, her wasp waist and shapely legs. Others believe this doll epitome of sin and tell their children that Barbie is not a real beauty and they all look the same.

Even psychologists refer to the Barbie doll in different ways. According to psychologists, VK Losev, and AI Lunkova "Playing with" pupsikom "allow girls to learn the role of a mother caring for a child. This, of course, an important component of the female role, but - not the only one. Another equally important aspect of women's role in the perception of girls 4-5 years old, is the role of "beauty".

That is so beautiful and stands Barbie. It can dress up in beautiful dresses and coats, try on a pair of high heels and fashionable boots. Girl attached to the concept of "beauty". This gives her self-confidence, a positive effect on her psychosexual development. At this doll is the house in which you can put the toy furniture and arrange them so, as the child wants. This forms the girl the concept of "home, family", attaches it to the thrift.

Other psychologists assess the role of Barbie in a child's life exactly the opposite way. They believe that having such a doll, the girl feels a servant caring for a mistress, and not his mother, who has to look after the child. Besides, Barbie has everything: swimming pools, boats, airplanes, ski equipment and beautiful cars. This doll shows such a stance that is not quite correct.

Alarming and parents can also another point. If a girl has a small or completeness of her short hair, it is playing with Barbie, can get complex "inconsistencies inferiority" internal experience disadvantages and become closed or, on the contrary, aggressive.

In any case, the parents together with their child must decide they need such a doll house or not.

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