8 habits of happy woman

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 No wonder they say: "Do not born beautiful, and born happy." After all, the perfect appearance - not yet the key to success and prosperity. But the ability to look at life positively allows adequately cope with the difficulties and challenges. Therefore it is very important to keep the right attitude. Help you with this useful habits.

Get enough sleep. Doctors and cosmetologists are advised to sleep at least 8 hours a day, so do not linger at the TV or the computer late. Organism, not rested for the night as follows repay you poor health, low capacity for work and, of course, a bad mood.

Choose a healthy ego. If you want to pamper yourself - do it. Simple-minded women of joy, like a new blouse, lipstick or linen, are able to raise mental attitude to several degrees.

Stimulates brain activity - it will help to develop flexibility of mind and wit. Neuroscientists are advised to perform a few simple exercises, for example, take a shower in the dark or to perform habitual actions are not working hand. So, if you are right handed, try combing, brushing your teeth, there are left-handed.

Learn to accept their emotions. Do not seek to ensure that the look "strong" woman who goes through life, his teeth. You have the right to feel pain, hurt, frustration, and openly show their feelings. Watch for their own emotions and try to evaluate them, to understand that annoys you in any given situation.

Indulge in sweet. It is known that chocolate contains "pleasure hormone" serotonin. Therefore, if you can not get rid of sadness or melancholy, treat yourself to a delicious candy and fragrant tea. But do not get too carried away, because the fact that the medicine spoon in a cup - poison.

Connect with positive people. Need to allocate at least a couple of hours a week to meet with your favorite friends. Confidential conversation over a cup of coffee will cheer up, and sincere support will help find a way out of difficult situations. Only choose those who are not trying to assert themselves at your expense.

Exercise. This may be a morning jog, simple charging or workout in the gym. Firstly, the sport - a recipe for a beautiful figure and toned skin, and secondly, during exercise the brain receives blood saturated with oxygen, which improves its performance. And thirdly, to end the session, you will feel a huge burst of energy, confidence and satisfaction with themselves.

Practise what you're wondering. Try to even the most mundane action to turn into an exciting process. Do not waste time on something that seems boring and pointless to you, because time - irreplaceable resource.

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