7 most popular women's fears

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 No matter how independent and strong woman did not look modern, it is difficult to find a representative of the beautiful half of humanity that is completely devoid of fear and goes through life with head held high.

The most common women's fears:

1.Strah unwanted pregnancy. Get rid of this fear can only be a suitable method of contraception. But even if that happens, you always have time to rectify the situation by means of pharmacological methods.

2.Strah loneliness. In this case, many women loneliness is associated with the absence of men. You can help yourself by going to head into work, do sports, shopping or other interesting thing for myself. You need to love yourself, and then everything goes!

3.Strah treason. Many women are very much afraid that sooner or later they will rival. Think about it is not necessary. You just need to love and trust her husband.

4.Strah sick. This should not be afraid. A woman who leads a healthy lifestyle, think about it is not worth.

5.Strah lose the beauty and attractiveness. You must accept the fact that with age, held a youth, and with it the beauty. You need to look at things objectively. A woman's beauty is not in the figure, cosmetics and no wrinkles, and her mental health condition. If a woman would feel beautiful and attractive, it is unlikely that someone will pay attention to its shortcomings.

6.Strahi for children. No need to fight this fear, it is caused by maternal instinct.

7.Strah conviction. Most of us are constantly pay attention to the words and the evaluation of other people. That's not right. We are all different, and therefore the actions and opinions are different, too. You just need to do as you see fit.

From all fears can be eliminated. You only need to constantly work on themselves. Train will have a positive look at the world, and most importantly - be confident!

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