Women's intuition is a gift or experience

Women's intuition is a gift or experience
 Women have the ability to hear the inner voice that advises on how to proceed in a given situation, or warns against something. Obeying him, the fairer sex sometimes do things that may seem from the inexplicable, illogical and even absurd. This ability is called intuition.
 Men prefer derisively called intuition female logic. However, this does not prevent them often refer to the ladies for advice.

Evidence that women's intuition, there is a lot. For example, women often feel instinctively that their children happened some misfortune or trouble. Even if the children are very far away from them. On this occasion, there was even a saying: "Mother's Heart - Veshchunov." Repeatedly the fairer sex, suddenly agitated, flatly refused to travel by train, boat or by plane. And thus save themselves and their loved ones, because the event of a disaster! This was the case even before the departure of the infamous "Titanic", which had a reputation for safe and absolutely unsinkable ship. You can also recall the ancient myth of Cassandra, a prophecy which was not heeded, resulting in the death of Troy.

On the nature of this mysterious phenomenon since ancient times fought the best minds of humanity. Many famous scientists, philosophers talked about female intuition, giving her a very different interpretation. Some people still believed that the mouth of women prophetesses in such moments, says some higher power That is, from the point of view of these people, intuition - a divine gift. Incidentally, a similar point of view is shared by many Christian priests. "The gift of God! "- So they call unexplained abilities of people. According to them, this is exactly the same gift of the Creator, as well as artistic talent or ability to compose beautiful poetry.

Modern scholars, recognizing that the nature of this phenomenon remains poorly understood, are inclined to conclude that intuition - a kind of ability of the human brain "to go" beyond experience and known facts. What caused it, that can serve as a "trigger" for the prediction, is still unknown. Undoubtedly, an important role to play here the accumulated experience. The fact that this ability is inherent, mainly ladies, scientists tend to explain the more emotional of the fair sex, as well as the originality of thinking and psychology of women, caused by the significant difference between the female from the male hormonal levels.

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