The cult of beautiful body prevents female happiness?

The cult of beautiful body prevents female happiness?
 Sadly admit it, but not all women can boast of a perfect beautiful body. This is especially true of women have already given birth and adulthood. But it is never enough time to maintain that form, the willpower to diet, then just on it's not sufficient strength. And around and scurry advertising, music videos, movies, magazines with chic women's bodies, and willy-nilly consciousness begins to gnaw the idea of ​​inferiority.  

When such an idea will entice you completely, you start to look at with envy models and actresses, trying to see in the words of others any hints and reproaches, gradually cease to treat yourself with the proper love, clothed in subtle gaudy outfits and turns into a very unattractive individuals.

In fact, many of the complexes of women is not so badly. Even in ancient Greece, Plato was launched true indicator of the attractiveness of the body - its proportionality. After all, not everyone can be born with a moderately well-fed figure. And most importantly for the human eye to all looked harmoniously. For example, the circumference of the neck should be two wrist girth. A waist circumference - two neck size. We see already that the concept of beauty for each type of physique is different.

What do those who are deprived of these privileges and proportionality? Art has been around for a long time to dress up and sent it to hide flaws. And it is no secret that obese women, for example, is counter-tight, shiny, horizontal stripes and bright colors poisonous. Very tall and lean is to abandon tight pants, high heels, dark colors and vertical stripes.

There are so many ways to visually enlarge the breasts, waist outline, hide hips, etc. Not for nothing are very popular program solves this problem: "Fashion sentence", "Remove it immediately."

You just need a little time to give the matter, because clothing can work wonders.

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