The butterfly effect in our lives

The butterfly effect in our lives
 In the movie "The Butterfly Effect", we saw how the hero Ashton Kutcher has learned to travel on their past and their actions change the present and the future. Is it possible in our lives?

In the sixties of the twentieth century, this phenomenon is widely regarded Edward Lorenz, the results of which will provide "food for thought" many writers and screenwriters. Today, scientists believe that minimum human impact in either direction can lead to different consequences.

Often people think that if they could go back in time a few years back and change some point in their lives, they would be satisfied and happy. So whether it is in fact, no one can say with complete confidence.

Human perception of the world especially, it pictures the world around us we see a distorted, the reason for this - our selfishness. That is why we see around us so much suffering, cruelty and pain. We believe that the world is unfair and should be completely different.

You have to properly understand the relationship of the past, present and future. Man is able to perceive and understand what he is able to feel with the help of the five senses, which limited range of perception. Absolutely all the new states must be rotated in the head by means of perception. If we can understand all the laws of the universe, then we can understand the world in which we now live.

It is possible to draw an analogy between human life and films. Yesterday - the outgoing frame. Tomorrow - the new, future frame. And what we see today - a consequence of how we live in the moment. If our efforts are made to meet only our interests, it is a black and white film called "Our Reality". And if we are acting for the common good, we can see the color film.

It is impossible to live each day the same, unchanged since then in his declining years, we look back at your life, understand that nothing in general, in life and did not like and do not be born at all. The main skill in life is the ability to learn how to make the right choice.

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