One and happy!

One and happy!
 For some, loneliness is synonymous with misery. People are afraid of it like the plague, preferring to pull relationship last to close was at least someone - bored boyfriend or friends who do not talk about. It is time to understand that happiness - the internal state of a person, and make yourself happy can only himself.  

Accident can only be a person who is not interested himself. If you feel that this is somehow characterizes you, get finally that interesting. Sign up for a course, get a new hobby, find like-minded people.

Typically, privacy takes a lot of time, and a rare girl manages to combine a successful affair with a dizzying career. If for months career remained a loser, it's time to catch up. Will the increase in the old job or find a new one - this will increase self-esteem, distract from the sad thoughts come in handy in the future.

Write a list of bookmarks, which are your favorite things you could not do because of a boyfriend. Perhaps shy to sing with him, using a hairbrush as a microphone, or listen to all day pop songs about love. Maybe when you're a young man drinking orange juice instead of your favorite coffee with brandy and wore sexy underwear, though before adored walking in shorts with Donald Duck. Can now finally do the little things that give pleasure. Do not miss this opportunity.

If you love movies, theater and exhibitions, and the young man preferred to spend their leisure time at home with pizza and TV, it's time to feel free to visit and interesting activities. They gave a lot of positive emotions and new acquaintances.

Often, owners of private life is not enough time for friends. Do not pull: meet up with his girlfriend, friends gather at home, arrange a party. Remember that friends love you, so you're not alone.

Love - not a pledge of happiness. Lonely girl did not have to worry about where her favorite, does not change whether, if he will not leave her if it was true love.

Distills "well-wishers" who sympathetically interested in how you handle and recommend not to lose heart. To explain to people that you can be happy and alone, useless. Finish with an unpleasant conversation and removed.

More dreamed that someday meet a special person. Will live with him happily ever after. And while you wait, will be happy alone. The main thing - to be happy.

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