Noetic psychology of self-

Noetic psychology of self-
 Noetika - this area of ​​knowledge, which is in contact with a lot of discipline, based on the integral path in the evolution of human consciousness. The very concept of "noetichny" means a reasonable, informed, striving for perfection and self-knowledge.

Noetika carries the most valuable ancient sacred knowledge of man, which merge with the modern achievements of science industries such as neuropsychology, quantum physics, cognitive linguistics, anthropology, molecular biology, evolutionary psychology.

Inherently Noetic psychology of self- has sufficiently powerful integrative capabilities. Once and for all established and frozen discipline in which one and the same set of discourses and directions. It is constantly evolving, open to new evolutionary theories, scientific achievements and discoveries.

Enabling people to exercise and choose the best life alternatives, Noetic psychology of self- professed principles of respect for each individual. And it does not matter what level of that person occupies. Since this is the person has every right to be what she wants to be.

At the same time noetika demonstrates the possible prospect of changes that a person or team voluntarily accepts or rejects. With this model it is possible to better understand the state of human and organizational structures that integrate any group of people. It is because consultants and coaches, using this method, get the best results, as in the crisis as well as periods of stability of business - structures.

If noetiku used to teach people new skills, it helps them to learn more quickly. This is due to the fact that used high-noetic techniques that allow a man to touch a deep, natural motivation for self-development, as well as mastery of the most necessary for labor resources. Managers begin much better and more productive to solve problems that arise in their professional work, to find new meaning in it. This is possible if they take the main noetic principle - applies to all as closely as possible and informed.

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