Methods of controlling emotions

Methods of controlling emotions
 In today's world, a lot of attention is paid to the body. People go to gyms, beauty salons, in other words, the groom and his cherished. But they often forget about the emotional state. Emotions - it's what's inside, therefore they are not visible. So, you can safely forget about the case. But this assumption is wrong. After all, if you do not control your emotions, then the situation may occur where a beautiful body already does not help.

In fact, not many ways to expose their emotions control. After all, it is
an integral part of every human being. May be prescribed by law and not the right person to experience emotions, but physically without them it can not live.

On the other hand, if you look, what emotions? Scientists say that this is a chemical reaction in the body. Proponents of spiritual practices will say it is a confrontation between light and dark forces within man himself, and the like.

Modern science has leaped forward, and researchers to develop drugs that help to control himself. The same anti-depressant. Its main function is that it has a calming effect on the brain centers responsible for anxiety and irritation.

But some drugs as long not stay. First, they cause addiction, and then the dose will continue to increase. It will happen as long as the body can not take the medication ceases altogether. And then or death can occur due to an overdose of drugs, or it will have to find other means.

But there is a way to control who practices the Bible. It is called "humility." And the idea of ​​Buddhism "we are in this world just watch." That is the world's religions believe that the most effective way to control emotions - is humility. In principle, there is a grain of truth. The same humility is not achieved in one day, and held for many years before a person reaches a certain level.

There are also more simple and fast way. Resort to it the bulk of the people. This - from time to time "to let off steam." That is, you can just get away in the forest and cry it out as it should, to give vent to their emotions. In this case, the load of emotions partially subside, and will not push as before.

Or, you can enroll in a gym. Physical activities require output power, therefore, after each session, if you approach it with full dedication, a whole load of emotions will eventually in the muscles and a great figure.

Emotional control is possible. Will this pill, religion or sports - everyone's business. But there is always.

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