How to make yourself a little happier?

How to make yourself a little happier?
 If lately you often feel unhappy, that this mood is reflected in all - failures in work, broken relationships with colleagues and friends, quarrels in the family and, of course, on your health and appearance. You begin to realize that we must do something and make yourself a little happier, but do not know how. And yet, it's not so hard to do.

Sit down one evening and one, in a calm atmosphere think that makes you so miserable. You do not like men? You have no friends? You do not like your job? Okay, but you're not going to spend all my life now in the sufferings of this? You should clearly understand that life around and never really change, only you can change and your attitude.

Now think about what you can change. If you do not like the job, then change it or start to treat it differently. In that case, if it is not interesting, then do it with another - look for unconventional ways and solutions to accomplish it, to complicate their task, no work makes you, you - work. This will be a solution to the problem and with the boss, if you have it.

If you had an awkward relationship with colleagues or friends, then think about why this is happening. Perhaps tired of all your dull, miserable, and those problems fictional or real, that you're constantly trying to discuss with them. No one wants to dive with you in the pessimism that you carry people. Think about why you feel uncomfortable around and revise their behavior and style of communication.

When you realize that your problem can be resolved, then again, make sure that they really can not be a reason to feel unhappy. They are incomparable with real misfortunes that no longer depend on you - the loss of loved ones, illness of children, so it is not insurmountable.

Now that you understand the error, the time to begin to correct them and enjoy its decision and a new life. To start a good stimulation for a good mood, a trip to the beautician and hairdresser, a small shopping. Well, sign up for yoga, fitness or gym, physical activity allows the body to produce hormones joy.

And learn to appreciate every beautiful moment, which, in fact, is not enough. Try to get up early to cook a delicious coffee and watch as the sun rises and wakes up the city. Start your day with a jog, cool shower, feel how beautiful life and be happy, and not a little bit, but it is!

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