How to learn to trust

How to learn to trust
 To learn to trust other people, you must first acquire the skill to trust herself. On this way you will have to overcome themselves in difficulty to change.
 Distrust - the consequences of past experience. As children we were very trusting, yet we have not learned to observe extreme caution. As they grow older adults advice supported by negative experiences. First you need to understand and believe that this is not the time and people have changed, you've changed it. Now you need a little change again.

Any change usually causes discomfort. Even then, which subsequently makes life easier, keeping a sea of ​​energy. So be prepared for the fact that you initially have to experience unpleasant emotions. Although everyone is different, and you can pass it in a special way.

The biggest change that you happen to be in your psyche. You have erased a certain pattern of behavior that have developed as a result of causing you pain the person you trust. It should be clear that not all people are capable of it, and believe that the next time you will definitely meet a reliable person.

Imagine how many good things you give the ability to trust other people. You will be the opening, can make more friends, you will be able to enjoy new moments. In addition, fear of mistrust that darkens your soul, will disappear forever. Plus you have a bunch of available energy, which you can spend on a variety of nice things.

Once you realize all this in theory, can move to action. Calculate whom you are afraid to trust. Are you afraid of the fact of trust young people, and can you keep a greater distance from the middle-aged women. Then try to find this type of applicant and tell him my little secret. Such that even if opened, will not cause you pain. But this information should still be valuable to you. So, gradually, try to open up more and more people within reasonable limits.

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