How to be in the spotlight

How to be in the spotlight
 Some envious glances at the unchained sociable young people who are always in the spotlight. They can always keep the conversation are themselves interesting storytellers, next to them is always a crowd of people. How to become like them and learn to feel at ease in the company?
 To attract attention and be the center of the company, you need to learn simple rules of behavior. To be interesting, you should be interested in others. And for this we need to prepare in advance. To begin to find out as much as possible about the people who are invited along with you. Then prepare a few non-standard jokes, stories.

Be sure to pay compliments. Well, if they are short, but made from the heart. Women will appreciate it.
Telling a story, do not try to hook someone or prick. Behave with all smooth and friendly. Do not need to point out flaws or laugh at common acquaintances who are not currently near you.
Do not try to load all alone with his jokes. Give speak and others. Listen carefully to keep the conversation polite and pleasant smile.

Remember that the most trouble-free way to interest interlocutor - is to talk about it. If you know what is a matter of pride - always will question more have expressed interest. Maybe he is proud of his new appointment, then congratulate him and ask how he worked on his new position. If he has a young son, ask him what he pleases. If a person collects something, ask to elaborate on the new acquisitions. Each get approach. Such interest is impressed everyone.

To show off an interesting conversationalist, not only tell new and interesting facts, but let speak and others. Be attention to the other person and the subject of conversation. Ask questions, give advice.

To attract attention at a party, you need to dance well. Now open various dance school where you will learn to move rhythmically, you will gain the skills of basic dance movements. If you can sing well or play an instrument - do not hide these abilities, and at the first opportunity they demonstrate.

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