How to avoid arguments

How to avoid arguments
 Even the most loving people sometimes misunderstandings and quarrels. This is normal due to the fact that people are different and have all their points of view. But the argument can ruin relationships, if not learn to avoid and resolve correctly.
 In order to understand how to avoid quarrels, you first need to figure out the cause. Psychologists have identified several reasons that most disagreements. These include:

Differences in the nature and needs. If one is not hasty, and the other used to quickly seize the implementation of several cases, or a guy like noisy company, and she used to spend the evening in silence, then a quarrel definitely will arise.

The inability to resolve disputes. If you express your opinion too categorical and harsh, it may provoke a quarrel with verbal sparring.

Domestic turmoil. Very often quarrels arise precisely because of the fact that the responsibilities are shifted against each other, but in the end no one wants to perform.

The lack of mutual interests. And if it is complemented by the unwillingness to concede and flexibility, the quarrel is not far off.

If something of the above is present in your relationship, try to follow these tips.

Do not attempt to modify another. It is clear that people have not only advantages, but also the negative character traits. But they also have you. To avoid quarrels need to turn a blind eye to the negative and try not to give advice. But this approach is applicable only when you have decided exactly what the relationship you want.

Keep control of emotions and feelings. Often do not understand the situation until the end, a person can afford to unrestrained expression of feelings, and then bitterly regret it. Learn how to react and do not make hasty conclusions.

Learn to say "stop". This is necessary when the conversation turns into an emotional showdown. Do not allow this. Be the above differences and try to discuss all issues peacefully.

Be tolerant. If every time upset over the fact that something is not done, or you are not satisfied, then life becomes a nightmare. Try to be forgiving to mistakes of others. It is clear that this must be learned two of them.

Learn to avoid quarrels possible, but this requires time, joint efforts of both sides, and patience that are sure to be rewarded.

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