Do not wake the beast in me: the two sides of anger

Do not wake the beast in me: the two sides of anger
 How often in the modern world we encounter with emotional people! Joy, happiness, gratitude taken for granted and soon forgotten. People who are in anger, often. Negative, they "endow" others, leaving a trace in our thoughts, spoils the mood. How not to succumb to the outbreak, and did not become a carrier?

There are two types of anger. Anger directed at himself, called guilt. Wines harm their own health and lead to a depressive state.

Another anger directed at others, called perturbation. In this case, an exasperated man disclaims voltage, harming the health of others. It should be able to control their emotions, to a sense of anger has not gone too far.

Usually an angry state is seen as a negative phenomenon. But sometimes anger and beneficial to human health. It is a defensive reaction to the problem. Such a state helps to restore strength and cope with the physical and emotional difficulties.

The flash of anger can save, for example, when the threat of attack. But anger easily becomes a habit, making people constantly angry. And with an evil person were very uncomfortable.

For every flash of anger have to pay not only others, but also the man himself. After another attack, he begins to feel uncomfortable, guilt overcomes him. He was sorry for myself, and this spiritual struggle only aggravates the condition, leaving a heavy precipitate.

Angry people push away from themselves their friends and relatives. In a relationship begins disorder. But is it possible to tame the angry yourself? If it is not turned into a chronic stage, it is worth trying to cope with it by the following method.

Restore its former state mental help through up to 10 or even 25 if irritation has reached its limit. Considering necessary before each digit takes a deep breath. Circulating air in the lungs, people gradually calms down, the muscles relax, and the desire to get angry disappear.

Excessive anxiety is not a positive charge. Excitement and degrade the life of man repel others. Reducing the level of his temper, you get out of life.

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