Do I need to female coquetry

Do I need to female coquetry
 Why flirting woman? To attract the attention of men, to show that it plays and build communication so that the man began to succumb to it. And whether it is in fact, this is the coquetry? And can a woman to flirt and flirt without using this technique?
 Women and men perceive the world differently. And since millions of years of evolution welcomed the development in men hunting skills, and in women - the ability to maintain the home and communicate with children and tribesmen, today we are reaping the fruits of that evolution. In the hunt do not need to communicate with the victim, must run fast and accurately to aim. It is for this reason that men with all that relates to communication skills, things are much worse than in women. But in the women's society, few runs to the unknown man, slaps him on the back and shouted: "Hey! Let's go to the restaurant! I like you! ". Because it's - Men's tactics. Weak female representatives of old were forced to use more subtle methods to achieve their goals.

Girls who do not know how to flirt, it seems that it is stupid and pointless. After all, you can spend a few hours looking at the object of his desire, and do not get absolutely no results. But this is a misconception. The fact is that flirt also need to know how, and any woman, the mistress of this, surely knows that once the result can not be achieved.

If you have a goal, you start moving toward her, albeit slowly, but, nevertheless, movement. The purpose of coquetry - make it clear to the man that he is interesting to you. But at the same time, do not let him think that it is you start to take the initiative first. When the lady throws a man shy or embarrassed looks, slightly smiling at the same time, there is a feeling that it just hovers in his own thoughts. A man pays attention to a woman, because just can not leave unnoticed such behavior, but continues to believe that the first step is from Him. That's the essence of coquetry. It is noticeable, it is clearly seen, but at the same time, it is not a proof of interest.

Of course, many men may oppose this administration, calling it banned. But there are also among those of the opposite sex who love and flirts, knowing full well that a woman starts her cunning manipulation, it is still susceptible to them. After succumb basque - such bliss.

It is not necessary to think about the benefits of coquetry, since it is obvious that without him there was not and never will be romance in fellowship of men and women. Predictability and linearity - it's so boring and uninteresting! Play with your imagination and become a real flirt. No need to doubt - men simply adore them.

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