Wife: friend or foe?

Wife: friend or foe?
 In the life of every man's friends take a pretty big place. And time after the wedding, forget his bachelor habits it will not be easy. The opinions of experienced psychologists agree that the best option of happy families - this is when the wife for her husband's best friend, with whom he can share the most inner thoughts and feelings. However, it so happens that his wife eventually becomes exactly the opposite position. The question arises - so who is she, the wife - friend or foe?

Do any of the men of this does not happen: problems at work, problems with the car or other trouble ... What do you think - where he will go to pour out his heart, somehow share your mood? That's right, to friends who will understand and a friendly pat on the shoulder, give some advice, and (to confess) that you can have a drink ... But something prevents her husband to come with these feelings to a loved one - wife. Reasons, in fact, not so much. For example, a pure man's opinion that "she is a woman, she would not understand." In fact, this is just an excuse. Or fault of some women who sometimes try to look a little more stupid than it actually is. After all, the weaker sex to resort to such tricks to the man himself looked in his eyes as significant. In fact, this method is not bad for the settlement of many conflicts, but this should not be abused.

However, it may well be the wife for her husband a good friend, but it should understand and accept himself a man and a woman at the same time be sensitive spiritual thread connecting people close to each other. But we should not try to completely replace a friends husband.

The desire to isolate her husband from his old friends leads to the fact that the wife of an enemy or, say tactfully foe. This is understandable - the man who spoke before the wedding, met with friends, suddenly have to throw all the habits, to cease contact with those who had been close to him, who helped whom he helped. Subconscious men will reject such a situation, to deal with a new obstacle, which is the wife (or whatever force was love), because purely masculine companionship he sometimes necessary as fresh air. Hence, there are misunderstandings, quarrels, scandals, and as a result, divorce in families where native people were not able to understand and accept each other usual things. It is sad but true.

What advice can be given to his wife, who wanted to be a husband is not a wall between himself and friends, and best friend?

Firstly, do not behave as if you are smarter older and more experienced it. Most Active In response, he will come like a sixteen year old teenager: rude, do you out of spite. There is an important condition for a peaceful marriage: a husband and wife must be fully devote themselves to each other and to create a community in which no friends, no in-law, mother-no - no one would be very inconvenient to interfere with their advice. Marriage - is a mystery. Such an alliance can create only on condition that the husband and wife will talk to each other as equals, respecting each other.

Second, never scold her husband when he returned from his friends, often better to say the phrase "I miss you", "I think of you", "I wanted so much to tell you ...". In addition, women often understand friendship, as communion. For men to "make friends" - it is something to do together: to repair a car, build a house, to catch fish. Try to create a relationship with her husband on this type. For example, ask your husband to help you in the preparations for the winter - even roll up the banks; "Ail" for his team when watching football on TV and the like. Rather, he gradually realizes that his wife - his best, man, friend!

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