When male friendship love hindrance

When male friendship love hindrance
 Friendship for everyone - nothing but the protection, assistance, comfort, affection and common interests. But then why do women mostly victims thereof when entering into family life, and the men on the contrary this very friendship triumphs over family? Why he prefers beer with friends romantic dinner with your wife? Why the requests of friends responds instantly, and the woman he loves has to wait for months? Why friends is more important than his own family?

Women are at a loss trying to find answers to these questions. A number of men clearly explains what friends they quieter, more comfortable and more interesting. The reasons for this superiority over the family friendship are the following.

Men are often time-tested friendship. Best friends appear in early childhood and already have the trust that your loved one have yet to earn.

True friends never betray. But the girl, according to men, can easily break any relationship, friends have always support in difficult times.

The next very important point, confirming the fortress of male friendship, is a psychological comfort. Certain harmony in communication, which is achieved through common interests and balance of personality. Men even say that the same thing needs to make his wife and friends are asking (it should remember the young wives).

And finally, that's more like the truth, the problem of friends - it's a great excuse to get away from family problems. Often, men accumulate a large number of tense moments in the family, and a good help to relax just friends.

To avoid or at least smooth out the current you have a similar problem, will endure more useful than shoot from the hot, in the latter case only male friendship strengthened regular gatherings. Must gradually begin to open her husband's eyes, gently hinting at the shortcomings of his friends. In this case, he gradually begins to understand himself shunned friendly activities. Some young wife immediately put an ultimatum to choose between offering a quiet family life and regular gatherings with friends. This option can not be excluded, it would be ideal even if we add to this ultimatum compromise, even meeting with friends will still be, but not so frequent and less threatening violence.

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