What is true friendship

What is true friendship
 A person living in society, one way or another in contact with some of his representatives. Someone behaves arrogantly, aggressively or envies the man, the majority does not notice it at all, and only a few have become real friends.
 Strangers can not be friends, by definition. At the time of dating them enough only a few seconds to make up for each other first impression. On the basis of the behavior of people develop tactics and even then decide whether to allow to approach the person a little closer to yourself or prefer formal relations in the style of "hi-bye."

Sympathy when we first met at once can grow into a friendship. As the detection of common interests and topics for discussion, which should be the basis for mutual understanding, there are friendly relations. Friendship comes at a time when both people can reveal a piece of personal space to share with each other what really expensive. This concept represents not only material values, say, a gift from the heart, but also spiritual - thoughts, feelings.

The basis of this friendship are the actions. For example, the outstretched hand help in a difficult situation. Desire to help does not mean that "saved" should be required to "Rescue" to the end of his days. From friends not to benefit. Become a true friend means to learn to take a loved one for what it is, to be able to help, to be a reliable and sympathize. The latter implies not only a willingness to provide a vest for tears, but also a desire to share the joyful moments.

Do not abuse the good attitude of friends to your person. Of course, true friendship - a support, but do not turn it into a pair of crutches, without which you supposedly can not walk. Learn to make decisions without the approval of friends, do not load their heads close unnecessary chatter and gossip, do not require constant attention. Remember the old adage: "If you want to you have a true friend, be a friend that for someone."

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