What are you afraid to tell a friend

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 Her friends tell each other everything - this truth is no surprise. But it turns out there are several such sensitive topics that no one wants to raise, because the reaction on the other side can be unpredictable.

Imagine that your best friend eats cupcakes and cakes one after the other, and this is certainly not the best way affects her once slender waist. Or daily drink a glass of wine and a few smoke each ordinary cigarette, but does not think it is any problem. How to tell that friend too keen on the use of these is not useful products and beverages?

Of course, the girl can seriously offended by your words. It's frightening and makes us be silent, not revealing the truth. In this case, we can not say girlfriend in the face: "Stop drinking / eating sweets / smoking." The answer may be followed by something like this: "And you, in fact, that you climb into my life? ". So try to express my concern over the situation, gently hint that seems these jeans in a strange sitting on her friend, too tight. Or whether it seems to her that on a daily glass of wine in the morning girlfriend is not exactly a healthy complexion? Maybe she should do something about it, to look your best, as before? Offer your help, but gently and delicately.

Even more difficult subject for her friends - say that she changed her boyfriend. In this case, any of the options seem a failure, because of the default, you can become a traitor, and if you still dare to reveal this hard truth, then it is possible you will not believe that will negatively affect your relationship.

Think about it, such a heavy information is almost impossible to take a calm, and, refusing to believe your girlfriend can go down on you all the dogs. This is quite a normal reaction. So if you do decide to say, and that is what will be done better, then be prepared to go through a difficult crisis.

Make it clear in every way a friend that you - it is the closest person, I wish her nothing but good, want to help her, because you just could not keep quiet. But to start ask what their relationship with a guy, maybe she had already suspected something yourself. In this case, your conversation will be easier, because most likely she would not doubt your sincerity. But, nevertheless, be considerate and attentive, at the moment you are dealing with human life and its future. Do not forget this.

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