If your girlfriend changes her husband

If your girlfriend changes her husband
 Sometimes it happens that you learn someone else's secret. Well, for example, becomes a witness to the fact that your girlfriend's husband was unfaithful. What to do in this case - to immediately open a friend's eyes? Talk to her husband? To remain silent? It's true hard choices, and we need all to seriously consider in order to make a decision.

Suppose you tell a friend about infidelity of her husband, not wanting to become an unwitting party to a lie. In this case, you get the most messenger that brings the bad news. Your friend can not believe your story, considering that you come up with it yourself. But most of all, she believes, and then, as if Hb developed in the future of their relationship will always remember what you - witness her humiliation.

Think about and that's what. Perhaps girlfriend already guessed about the change, but did not want to admit to herself, unable to believe the sad signs and wanting to keep the family together. After your own news she had no choice - she would have to admit that her married life is not perfect.

Now she can either start to sort things out with her husband, and who knows where it might lead, perhaps even his wife to part. And maybe she put up, decides to keep the family, as so many wives. But now her mental suffering will be compounded by the fact that you are aware of the situation. Someone like that is the witness of their failure, compromise, humiliation and difficulties. There were cases when a spouse, to leave her husband after the news of his infidelity, then life is to blame girlfriend told the whole truth.

So do not be surprised if you suddenly feel that friend you start to avoid. After all, people tend to step back from that (or who) that recalls unpleasant experiences.

It also happens that the wife in her husband's rate changes, simply turn a blind eye to them. Your news will put her in an awkward position. In each hut their rattles, as they say, and family relations do not tolerate prying eyes. You can be an elephant in a china shop, which upset the delicate balance of the family. Even if the couple reconciled after this incident, you may become an unwelcome guest in their home.

Even if you think it is always better to know the truth, and be warned, think again. And suddenly, your message will be fatal? May be? your girlfriend is too fond of her husband, and after news of his treason simply not be able to recover?

Perhaps it is better not to interfere in something that does not apply to you.

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